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Physical Health Information for Preschoolers

Why is physical activity important? Being physical active helps your preschoolers learn healthy habits.

Health Benefits:

  • Active preschoolers are less likely to be overweight.
  • Some physical activities, such as running and jumping rope, help bone growth.
  • Active children are less likely to develop type 2 diabetes.​

​Development Benefits:

Physical activities help children develop motor skills and coordination.  Some activities that helps are:

  • Walking, running, hopping, balancing, dancing, stopping, ​throwing, catching, and kicking.​

Why is physical activity important?

  • ​Physical activity help children feel good about themselves.  For example, they feel proud after learning how to bounce a ball or ride a bike.​
  • Active preschoolers are more likely to be happy.
  • Physical activity can also help in mental development.  For example, pretending to be wild animals lets children use their imagination and be creative.​


​As preschoolers run, climb, dance or stretch, they build endurance, strength and flexibility.  Daily schedule of activities for each age group are posted. Planned activities include indoor and outdoor active play period. VMDS offers (40) minutes indoor and outdoor age appropriate physical activity every 3.5 hours for all children in care. Children are given the opportunity for daily outdoor play if weather permits. The children that are enrolled in our aftercare program are engaged for (40) minutes outdoor activities. We provide the parents a daily communication log for toddlers and 2 year old addressing feeding, napping, toileting, and physical activities.


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